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EMJMD MIR new application campaign

The EMJMD MIR (Marine & Maritime Intelligent Robotics) application campaign for its 4th intake students will open tomorrow, October 28, 2023.

The EMJMD MIR combines robotics, AI and marine sciences in an innovative way. It provides double degrees in Sciences at our partner universities: NTNU in Norway, IST-UL in Portugal and UJI in Spain, with a study track choice offering specialisation in underwater intervention, autonomous underwater operations or cooperative robotics for marine vehicles. Its network includes more than fifty international industrial and academic partners giving students the possibility to attend specialised industry seminars and to find internships.

This year, a maximum of 23 Erasmus Mundus scholarships, 1 Exail scholarship and about 4 self-financed student positions will be offered.

  • Erasmus Mundus scholarships

Among the 23 Erasmus Mundus scholarships offered, some will be offered to students from the following targeted countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Oman, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Territory of Ukraine as recognised by international law, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder will have the choice between the 3 study tracks available in year 2.

More information on the Erasmus Mundus scholarships here:

  • Exail scholarship

MIR industrial partner EXAIL is offering one scholarship to an excellent candidate who would not be awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The scholarship covers: 9000 euros MIR participation costs, 4000 euros to cover travel and living expenses and a guaranteed and compensated 6 months end-of-study internship at EXAIL in France. The successful candidate will follow study track 2 in NTNU, Norway.

  • Self-financed student positions

Self-financed student positions will be offered to excellent students who would neither receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship not the Exail scholarship. Self-financed students follow either study track 1 at UJI, Spain or Study track 3 at IST-UL, Portugal (by decision of the MIR consortium, Study track 2 – NTNU (Norway) : Safe autonomous subsea operations, is not available for self-funded students). Please refer to the current details about the participation fees of the program found here: to understand what they cover, how and when they should be payed by the student.


APPLICATION DEADLINE is January 14, 2024 (Paris time)

It is imperative for the application to be complete and submited a few days before the deadline to give you time to replace a possible « rejected document ».

All necessary information are available on the MIR website and specifically in the “APPLY” section

Contact email:

Please note your emails will be processed as soon as possible. Reminders are not necessary.Contact: 

For your information, the MIR secretary works from Monday to Friday. Please note that you will not receive replies from her in the evening or on weekends. Please also take into account her planned days of absence, during which she will not be able to answer emails: from October 30 to November 3, 2023 included, on November 16, 2023 and from December 25, 2023 to January 5, 2024 included (UTLN closure).

Results will be published following the MIR Joint Selection Committee meeting in March 2024.