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Tuition Fees

The MIR tuition fees are set at 

Tuition fees are equivalent to the Erasmus Mundus participation costs covered by the EMJMD scholarships 

The annual tuition fees/participation costs cover:

  • Enrollment and tuition costs at local universities
  • Insurance cover
  • Annual Symposium and Marine intelligent robotics championships costs (1 week)
  • Induction week activities 
  • Travel and registration costs to selected conferences, on condition of publication acceptance

Payment of Fees:

For EMJMD scholarship holders, the annual tuition fees/participation costs will be deducted from the scholarship. 

Self-financed students will pay half of the first year fees (i.e. 4500 euros for students from partner countries and 2250 euros for students from program countries) to reserve their place in the master’s program. Once they’ll receive their admission letter, they’ll pay the second half of the first year (before the beginning of the first academic year). Tuition fees for the second year must  be paid before May of the first academic year.

Living & Travel Costs

All students organize and finance their own accommodation, insurances, living, visa and travel costs while undertaking the MIR program. These costs can be (partially) covered by a scholarship you may hold.

The cost of living differs from country to country. This tool might provide you an indication of the costs.

Visa Fees

Visa fees might apply, depending on your nationality and mobility. Check your embassy for more information.

The acceptance letters will also help you apply for the correct visa.

Required Funds for Non-European Students

In Europe, a student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover their living costs, healthcare, study and repatriation costs. The minimum amount which a student must have to cover their costs is fixed and indexed each year. Non-European students will usually need to prove that they have the minimum amount of funds required to cover their costs in order to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit. Note that for students receiving an EMJMD scholarship, the scholarship covers these minimum funds. Click here for more information.