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Some students will have to pass through the Campus France – Etudes en France PRE-CONSULAIRE procedure first, depending on the existing Campus France cooperation set. 

You have to check your country’s eligibility to Campus France procedure on:, then contact the local Campus France officer directly.

In the case your country is not eligible to Campus France check the local French Embassy information to know the procedure and get the appropriate appointment and list of documents to be prepared/ admission letter ( which is also your financial proof).

Please note that we will be also contacting the campus France and French embassy to inform them that you have been accepted on the MIR programme.

Which visa to Apply for?

Priority request must be for a Visa Mobilité.

This new type of visa is specifically set for Joint Master degrees. It allows you visa authorization up to 2 years and eases mobility between the participating and hosting European universities of the programme.

While getting this visa:

  • You will first get a 3 months visa with the mention of Mobilité. Don’t worry this is the usual procedure.
  • You will request for a visa extension up to 2 years once you will arrive at the Université de Toulon. We will give you the instructions to follow on time.
  • You will not be subject to the OFII procedure (exempted of)

In the case (for any unknown Reason) you could not Apply to the Mobilité visa, then you need to inform us and apply for a 1 year length VLS-TS Student visa.

Indicative list of documents to provide:

  • Birth certificate translated in French
  • Copy of the Visa
  • Copy of the passport (identification pages)
  • Université de Toulon enrolment certificate
  • Housing/Address certificate (to be requested to the landlord/owner of the place you are staying at)
  • Insurance certificate (insurance will provided by the MIR consortium)
  • Filled prefecture document

Please remember to keep us updated with progress regarding your VISA application process by emailing us on  As soon as you have your VISA please email us a scanned copy for our file. Should you be refused a VISA please inform us as soon as possible and we will try and contact the relevant authorities.