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Everything you need to know for application

You want to apply for the MIR master, find on this page all the steps to follow :

Admission requirements

Selection procedure

Tuition Fees

After acceptance

Please read carrefully the eCandidat Application Manual (blue button below) before starting your application on the eCandidat platform (orange button below).

Important dates

2024-2025 academic year application campaign: Over.

Application step by step

In order to apply for the EMJMD MIR you will need to upload the required documents listed below and to complete an online application form.

It is important that you prepare your application well in advance and submit your application several weeks before the deadline if possible. This way, if one or more uploaded file(s) is/are judged as “incorrect” and is/are rejected, you may be given the possibility to updated them. On the contrary, if you have submitted your application on the deadline, and in case of incorrect files, your application will be rejected directly. Please note during the application period, the EMJMD MIR pedagogical secretariat answers questions and provides support to applicants at the following address:

Please read the eCandidat Application Manual and prepare the following documents that you will have to upload on the online application platform:

  • Copy of valid international passport indicating the nationality (a valid national identity document may be accepted if you do not yet have a passport). If the passport/national identity card does not provide an English, French, Italian or Spanish translation, an official English translation must be provided. 
  • Copies of academic degrees of all university studies, i.e. Bachelor, Master or equivalent. If you are in the process of obtaining your degree, you must provide an official written statement from your current institution indicating you are in the process of graduating, the name of the diploma and the provisional date of graduation.
  • If the originals are not in English or French, you must provide official English translation of academic degrees of all university studies.
  • Copy of diploma supplements and transcripts stating courses and scores obtained per course. All the diploma supplements must be grouped in a single file. If the diploma supplements are not in English or French you must provide an official English translation of diploma supplements. 
  • One of the accepted English test certificates according to the eligibility criteria section (TOEFL: IBT from score 90, CBT from score 220, PBT from score 550; C1 Advanced: from score B; B2 First from score 173; IELTS from score 6.5; TOEIC from score 800). The test certificate must not be older than 3 years.
    • Please note it is unnecessary to provide another test certificate as it will be rejected.
    • Nationals of countries where English is an official language are exempted of providing a proof of English level.
    • If the language of instruction of your studies is English, instead of providing one of the above listed document, you can upload an official written certificate from the last degree-awarding institution that states the program was taught entirely in English (only if you have graduated from this institution less than 3 years ago when submitting your application). Important: please note this attestation will count for a B2 level in English. Should you have a C1 or C2 level in English we recommend you provide on your application one of the accepted English test certificates in order for your actual level of English to be taken into account.
    • The evaluators reserve the right to request additional documents and/or to interview candidates in case of doubt about their English level. The interview will be conducted online and will consist of an informal introduction of the student and questions from the evaluators to check if the discussion is fluid.
  • CV (resumé) in English 
  • Motivation letter in English (1000 words max)
  • 2 recommendation letters in English or French from professors (or department heads, tutors, study directors) able to comment on the suitability of the applicant for graduate study. Letters should be provided signed on official university letterhead paper. The official university email addresses and contact information of the referees must be provided.
  • Proof of address in a PROGRAMME COUNTRY (e.g. a bill with your name and address on it) less than 3 months old to be provided ONLY by students from PARTNER COUNTRIES who have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any of the PROGRAMME COUNTRIES (
  • Optionally, add other supporting documents showing the candidate’s excellence and adequacy to the EMJMD MIR.

All candidate will also have to complete the online MIR form, directly accessible from the application platform in the “Additional forms”. In this form candidates will notably indicate their order of preference among the MIR study tracks. Once the form completed, candidates must download the PDF file of their answers and upload it on the applictaion platform in the dedicated section. 

Last updated on February 27th, 2023

Candidate applications will be revised by an international selection committee. Around 22 EMJMD scholarships are allocated among study tracks in the proportion agreed by the consortium of

  • 25% for study tracks 1 and 3 and
  • 50% to study track 2.

A maximum of 5 self-financed students will be admitted to the EMJMD MIR as well.

>> Learn more about selection procedure

Once selected and upon enrollment on the EMJMD MIR, original degrees, certificates and all the aforementioned documentation will have to be provided for verification

Registration information will be communicated to you in due time.

Language Policy

  • All courses of the EMJMD MIR are taught in English.
  • English proficiency is an eligibility and selection criteria.
  • Courses of local languages in each of the main partners institutions are offered to MIR students.
List of required documents to be uploaded on the application platform