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Selection procedure

Candidate applications will be revised by an international selection committee. Around 22 EMJMD scholarships are distributed among study tracks in the proportion agreed by the consortium of

  • 25% for study tracks 1 and 3 and
  • 50% to study track 2.

Making use of the selection criteria candidates are ranked, and starting from the top, each candidate is assigned to a remaining eligible scholarship (following the constraints of the scholarship eligibility criteria) in a study track respecting the preference order chosen during application.

If the first choice of study track is full, the student is allocated to the second choice, or to the third if both first and second are full. 

If the student has only expressed one or two preferences, he/she will not be eligible for a scholarship in the discarded study tracks, and the selection may proceed with the next candidate in the ranking

Note that under this procedure, if a candidate expresses preference for all three study tracks, the order will not affect his options of obtaining an EMJMD scholarship. 

The selection procedure will populate:

  • a main list of candidates to which scholarships are offered
  • and a reserve list to be upgraded in case an opening on the main list occurs.

In both cases the decision will be communicated to the candidate by the coordination office via email.

In the case of main list candidates an interview meeting will be scheduled to confirm your participation in the program. Once participation confirmed, the MIR coordination office will contact selected students to commence the registration procedures and mobility arrangements sending invitation letters to obtain visas. Enrollment of candidates in the case of non-scholarship holders is only official after paying the tuition fee to the coordination office and after having performed all formalities, see below for enrollment.