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Selection procedure

Candidate applications will be revised by an international Selection Committee. Around 22 EMJMD scholarships are distributed among study tracks in the proportion agreed by the consortium of:

  • 25% for study tracks 1 and 3 and
  • 50% to study track 2.

Making use of the selection criteria candidates are ranked, and starting from the top, each candidate is assigned to a remaining eligible scholarship (following the constraints of the scholarship eligibility criteria) in a study track respecting the preference order chosen during application.

If the first choice of study track is full, the student is allocated to the second choice, or to the third if both first and second are full. 

If the student has only expressed one or two preferences, he/she will not be eligible for a scholarship in the discarded study tracks, and the selection may proceed with the next candidate in the ranking

Note that under this procedure, if a candidate expresses preference for all three study tracks, the order will not affect his options of obtaining an EMJMD scholarship. 

The selection procedure will populate:

  • two main lists of candidates to which scholarships are offered (a programme country students main list and a partner country students main list)
  • two reserve lists to be upgraded in case an opening on the main list occurs (a programme country students reserve list and a partner country students reserve list)
  • a list of selected students who have a sufficient level to follow the program and who are therefore offered the possibility to follow the program as self-financed students. Self-financed students can either follow study track 1 in UJI, Spain or study track 3 at IST-UL, Portugal, depending on the available places. However, self-financed students will not be given the possibility to follow study track 2 at NTNU, Norway, following the decision of the MIR Joint Management Committee (MC). Indeed, the living costs in Norway being higher than the ones in Spain and Portugal, the MC chose to avoid putting non-scholarship holder in a difficult financial situation. To know more about the reservation of self-financed student position, read this page.
  • non selected students

In each case, the decision will be communicated to the candidate by email on the publication of results’ date (that will be announced and updated on the front page of the MIR website each year).

Candidates from both main lists will have to confirm or desist their admission proposal via the eCandidate platform (application platform) before the confirmation deadline, which will be precised in the decision email received. Please note that after the confirmation of the  application, the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), which manages the Erasmus Mundus programme, must validate the complete main lists before a student can officially be awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (the EACEA feedback is expected in late April, beginning of May of each year).

Selected candidates and students from both reserve lists have the possibility to join the MIR programme as self-finances students. In order to reserve their self-financed position, students will have to express their interest by email to  before the dealine given in the email of the decision. Please note that students from reserve lists reserving a self-financed position KEEPS THEIR PLACE ON THE RESERVE LIST. Therefore, should a scholarship become available, it will be offered to the student and the programme fees already paid will be rebursed to her/him.

Once scholarship holders and self-financed students participation will be confirmed, the MIR coordination office will contact them regarding registration, VISA resquest, accommodation booking, etc. 

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022