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Student Obligations

Mir Students are obliged to:

a) attend assiduously the prescribed lectures and examinations of the MIR program during the 2 academic years with the objective of successfully validating the modules and creating the thesis inherent in the program of studies;

b) participate in the joint activities, such as the annual symposium even if there is no direct ECTS corresponding to it;

c) attend assiduously the national language course offered in the host institutions even if there is no ECTS corresponding to it;

d) in case of ERASMUS+ scholarship holder the student must not to receive any other scholarship or subvention financed by the EC under other community programs. The student is not allowed to embark on any vocational occupation with a regular salary in parallel to the studies under the ERASMUS+ scholarship excluding internships foreseen as part of the program; 

e) to respect the internal rule and charts of the hosting institutions (library, computer chart, etc.);

f) Students must ensure that they do not engage in any form of unfair practice, whereby they take action which may result in them obtaining for themselves or others, an unpermitted advantage. Unfair practice is defined as any act whereby a person may obtain for him/herself or for another, an unpermitted advantage;

g) participate in MIR course evaluation and quality assurance procedures