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During the 4th semester, students carry out their thesis research. Each student will be jointly supervised by a minimum of two academic advisors from two different institutions (the principal supervisor being from the hosting program partner institution).

Thesis at associated academic partner institutions:

Students can conduct their thesis at associated academic partner institutions

However, the students’ principal supervisor will be from one of the 4 program partner institutions.

Thesis with one associate industry partners of the consortium:

Student also have the possibility and are encouraged to conduct their thesis as part of an internship with one of the numerous associate industry partners of the consortium. In this case a student is assigned one industry supervisor and two academic supervisors.

The final product is a written thesis report, in accordance with thesis guidelines. Thesis students also present and discuss their results at the Annual Symposium.

6 hours minimum of personal tutoring provided to MIR students

Thesis defence at the end of June each year MIR students will present the results of their thesis work during the MIR Annual Symposium.

Thesis evaluation: 75% on the dissertation, 25% on the oral presentation.

Internship rules:

All MIR students have the opportunity to conduct internships with the range of leading companies or research centres of the MIR Network. All Internships need to be approved by the Mir Management Committee, and a bilateral agreement must exist between the hosting institution and the internship provider.

All internship providers need to be registered on the MIR platform. All approved Internships opportunities must be published on the MIR web platform and students have to follow a specified application procedure. The same thesis rules apply to students that follow an internship in the 4th semester.