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If you are a EMJMD scholarship holder, you will be automatically covered by an insurance scheme over the entire period of your studies.

The insurance cost is included in your programmes fees, and you do not have to pay extra. The cover includes a health and accident insurance coverage against risks related to accidents, death permanent invalidity, third party liability, theft loss and loss of documents. The insurance complies with the conditions set out in the specifications of the EACEA European Agency

In July, the MIR coordination office will provide you with further information regarding your insurance provider.

Social security

Social security is obligatory for all students out of Europe and you have to register on the following site. Please note UTLN accounting agency will need your social security number in order to transfer you your Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Please note that when arriving to the University, you will be asked to attend a compulsory  medical visit at the UTLN health center on campus called SUMPPS (Building EVE entry 2). 

If you are European you should have your EU social security card which ensures you can be treated in any hospital in Europe.