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Employment opportunities

Excellent Careers prospects. Guaranteed careers support through MIR network, employability workshops, employers’ talks, bespoke events and careers fairs. Internship opportunities in leading companies.

MIR Graduates, have excellent career prospects and will be ready to access companies in the context of:

and related, mainly in the inspection and ongoing maintenance area. ROV Pilot Technicians and Supervisors will continue to be a strong demanded job.

around the world are in search of engineers with the capability to interact with scientists on the development and operation of new underwater robotic systems.

 in very different scenarios (defence, emergency companies, etc.), are also requiring this new underwater technology and people able to manage it.

operations (wave and wind energy): systems for infrastructures inspection, commissioning, and decommissioning

systems for infrastructures inspection, commissioning, and decommissioning

systems for the automation of geotechnical surveys

(harbours, critical infrastructures, and marine reserves):
cooperative systems for environment mapping, acoustic and visual surveillance, and intruder detection.

cooperative systems to assess the spatial and temporal evolution of pollutant spills and, in the case of hydrocarbons, for spill containment.

heterogeneous cooperative systems equipped with complementary sensor suites for efficient underwater mapping.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. In parallel, the blue economy is consistently growing, currently creating jobs for over 3.5 million people. The sector is predicted to double by 2030.