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Call for thesis research lines

“Exploring the frontiers of interdisciplinary research in Marine, Maritime, AI and Robotics “

Every year MIR Industry and Academic Associate Partners are invited to submit their proposals regarding thesis research lines before the 13th of December.

A research line is considered as a broad research field in which you would be willing to accept students for specific thesis projects. Once the call is closed all research lines are reviewed by the MIR Management committee and if appropriate, published in a research lines catalogue to be made available to the students.

The advantage of a research line is that it can be open on the platform for students for several years (if desired). Once published students and/ or partner organisation supervisors may contact you to negotiate a research line and come to a final personal thesis research topic.

Call for research lines for the 1st semester of 2023 – OPEN

All MIR associated partners are invited to submit their research line ideas to the coordination office by completing the online form.

Information on rules and regulations regarding the MIR Thesis projects from page 80 of the MIR Student Handbook.