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Join the consortium

Is your establishment interested in becoming an associate partner of the MIR Consortium ?

Why join the consortium ?

As an associate partner you have the opportunity to:

  • Host students during trainee internship
  • Jointly conduct Master Thesis
  • Advise MIR Industry Task force and Quality assurance committees
  • Provide industry related lectures/ seminars
  • Promote and disseminate the Master Programme
  • Support special events , like the Annual Symposium, Marine intelligent robotics championships and job fairs
  • Share information on MIR website regarding new job opportunities or projects

Importantly student applicants receiving positive recommendation letters from associate partners will receive an increased weighing on their application form.

How to become and associate partner ?

  • Complete the new-partner identification form on the online form here
  • After completing the form, your application will be evaluated
  • When your request is approved, an agreement will be drafted by the MIR coordination office and sent to you for signature. Associate members will also be added to the consortium at EU level within the framework of the action entitled: ‘Master in Marine and Maritime Intelligent Robotics’, based on the framework partnership agreement (2019-1466/001-001) between the European Community and the University of Toulon.