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Students follow the MIR program over 2 years:

  • The first year in France at the University of Toulon (UTLN): solid background
    The first year in France – Semester 1 and semester 2 – at the University of Toulon (UTLN) commences by building up a solid background in marine science, robotics and AI.
  • In the second year during semester 3: specialize
    Students choose to specialize in one of the three study tracks :
  • In the second year during semester 4: Master’s thesis
    Semester 4 is devoted to a Master’s thesis in the context of a research or industry internship. It is carried out at any of MIR’s main or associate partners, always under the co-supervision of a main partner.

1st year - Semesters 1&2

2nd Year - Semester 3

THESIS - 4th Semester

Student obligations

Learning Outcomes & Skills

Through its multidisciplinary integrated design, the MIR program aims to integrate 4 academic subjects, marine science, maritime technologies, AI and robotics resulting in a program which is globally unique and highly competitive.

The main learning outcomes general to all study tracks of the MIR master program include:

  • Discipline oriented learning outcomes
  • Transferable Skills learning outcomes

MIR students according to selected study track will be able to specialise and master the following learning outcomes.


Our next regular EMJMD scholarship application procedure for MIR will start around 
October/november 2021 for the 2022/2023 academic year.
Application deadline for EMJMD scholarships candidates: January 2022.

2-year MIR programme with first at the University of Toulon, and the second year at IST-UL, or NTNU, or UJI.