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2022 Oceanographic field trip

MIR Students from 2nd Intake with Professor Anne Molcard on board of Antedon II

Between October 11th and 13th, 2022, MIR students from Intake 2, participated in an Oceanographic field trip in groups. Accompanied by both Professor Anne Molcard and Professor Yann Ourmières, the students had the opportunity to board on a Reasearch Vessel (Antedon II) one day, to navigate in the Toulon bay and a little offshore, to deploy drifting buoys to measure the surface velocity, to deploy a rosette of Niskin bottles for water sampling and a CTD to measure temperature and salinity of sea water.
They manage to operate the CTD sensors and the Niskin bottles firing in the “dry” lab, during the down and upcast. They could feel and taste the deep water, and they saw in real time the thermocline. They gently deployed the drifters, and they were responsible for monitoring their status (good transmission, not too far, not too close).
All the groups were successful in recovering all the instruments, and in analyzing the data.

Example of trajectories of different drifters.