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Overview of the 1st MIR Symposium

Symposium participants – University of Toulon

On June 14th and 15th, 2022 was held the 1st MIR Symposium on the theme “Bio-inspired and marine robotics”. On this occasion, scientific and industrial experts discussed the challenges for marine and maritime robotics and the solutions that bio-inspired robotics and artificial intelligence can bring.

Among the interventions were included an introduction by Ricard Marxer, MIR director, a speech by the President of the University of Toulon, Xavier Leroux, an intervention by Maarja Kruusmaa on “Challenges in underwater robotics: why it’s difficult to go close and shall and a presentation by Jorge Dias on “In-Memory Computing Architectures for Robot Vision and Robotic AI Applications”. Many partners of the EMJMD MIR also participated in the Symposium and notably in the round table: Alyeris, ECA Group, IFREMER, iXblue, Kietta, Seaowl Technology. To read the full programme of the Symposium, click here.

During the symposium, two informal sessions also allowed the MIR students to exchange with the participants about their thesis projects. This was an opportunity for them to establish relations with industrialists who might welcome them for their second year internship.

Finally, a boat tour of the Toulon harbour was also offered to the guests, allowing the students to meet one last time for a moment of conviviality before the second year of the programme.

Next MIR Robotic Championship and Symposium shall take place in the first semester of 2023 at Universitat Jaume I, in Castelló, Spain, one of the EMJMD MIR main partners.