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Regarding accommodation you will have to reserve your own accomodation and obtain a letter of attestation of accomodation for the visa. 

In order to reserve accommodation you have to undertake the various administrative steps.

There is the CROUS university accommodation which you have to apply online  However, please note that for this type of accomodation there is very big competition. 

To facilitate your arrival, and as we know that it is tricky to reserve accommodation from abroad without guarantors we are in the process of creating a convention with a private residency in the center of Toulon Neoresid targeted at EMJMD MIR students. Should you decide to reserve with them, remember to note Erasmus Mundus MIR Université de Toulon and cc us in your communications so we can make sure that you do not have to pay for the administrative charges for the processing of your application.

Alternatively you can look on our international office webpage to find lists of accomodation in the area. However, please note that you will be required to provide a physical ( a french resident guarantor) which is not the case with Neoresid.

With all accommodation you will have to provide a guarantee using GARANTME or VISALE