UL’s International Affairs (IA) division of UL aims at promoting its visibility abroad as well as attracting an increasing number of foreign mobility and international students and researchers by establishing and strengthening existing partnerships and networks such as CLUSTER and MAGALHÃES, among others. The division also plays an important role in the participation of UL in international research, training and educational projects, such as Kick InnoEnergy and Erasmus Mundus. The IA division consists of two different, yet complementary offices: the International Office, and the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (MICO) The latter is especially relevant for the MIR program in view of its competencies to: Coordinate mobility programs; Implement and renew agreements; Disseminate mobility programs to students; Support with administrative and internal academic procedures for incoming and outgoing students; Assist foreign students and researchers with visas, contracts, scholarships and social security; Provide Housing services for international students and researchers; Organize Welcome sessions for incoming students at the beginning of each semester; Coordinate foreign visitors (teaching and non-teaching staff) under the different mobility programs, including prospective institutions; Organise and participate in national and international events;

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