All students fulfilling the diploma requirements and with sufficient knowledge of English and a programming language, can be admitted to the programme.

During the application phase, you must indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice regarding the study track you wish to follow.

If you are not interested in following a specific study track you should only indicate the onces you are interested in. However, please note that even if you meet the requirements, if the applicants for the study track registered have higher scores you will be removed from the scholarship list following the procedure below.

At the end of the application procedure and eligibility evaluation process when the total number of students per applied study track are known, students are distributed per study track according to the agreed percentage within the consortium which is 25% for study tracks 1 & 3 and 50% for study track 2.

You will be contacted by the coordination office via email and an interview meeting will be scheduled to confirm your participation in the programme.

Enrolment of candidates in the case of non scholarship holders is only official after paying the tuition fee to the coordination office and after having performed all formalities, veryfication of original copies of degrees and certificates etc.

Selection procedure for ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarships

The selection of scholarship recipients is done by an international selection committee making use of the following selection criteria:

  • Academic scores (30%),
  • Reputation of the school or institute were the student has previously studied (20%),
  • Language skills (eligible or not eligible),
  • Programming skills (eligible or not eligible)
  • Referee letters (15%), additional weighting will be applied to positive referee letters from associate partner organisations.
  • Curriculum Vitae (15%),
  • Motivation (20%) (Motivation letter and if necessary interview)

The international selection committee ranks the applicants of each category: Partner country students (non-European) and Programme country students (European) in a main list and a reserve list. Students in the main list are eligible for a consortium scholarship. No more than three students from the same nationality can be selected in the main list. If students withdraw from the main list, the highest ranked students from the reserve list are upgraded to the main list and are notified immediately.

The MIR coordination office will contact selected students to commence the registration procedures and mobility arrangements sending invitation letters to obtain visas.

Industry Scholarships selection procedure

For industry scholarships the selection procedure will take place with the participation of the concerned scholarship provider. Succesful pre-selected candidates will be contacted by the coordination office and joint interviews with industry partner organised.

Appeal procedure

Applicants whose application have been rejected have the right of appeal. Appeals should be directed to the following address: More information on how to appeal will be given in the non-selected notification email.